So, how do you feel about your relationship with your kids?

Drifting apart?

Do you feel as though you’re drifting apart from your kids?

Too busy?

Do you feel like you’re letting your kids down because you’re always busy?


Are you worried that your kids may not turn to you if they experience depression or anxiety?

My free workshops give you the insights and practical strategies to make time to connect with your kids and to support them to build the life skills they need to thrive and be happy.


Happiness predicts success, not the other way around.


But our kids face numerous hurdles to happiness: the physical, psychological and social pressures of growing up in a changing world dominated by social media and the ‘busyness’ of their parents’ lives.

Most adults take their ability to cope with what life throws at them for granted. But that is an ability we’ve had to learn. We can support our kids to develop these ‘executive skills’ from a young age. The sooner we can equip our kids the better.

We have a critical role to play in helping our kids develop these skills, but we have to make time to do it.

Connecting with your kids workshops give you:

  • Insight into the real mental health challenges our kids face
  • How ‘life skills’ build kids’ resilience & ability to cope with what life throws at them
  • Practical strategies for how you as a parent can make time to connect with your kids and what you can do to help them develop these skills.

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One in four young Australians currently has a mental health condition. And tragically, suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians.

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